Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the philosophy that the universe and the body are opposing forces. The constant flow of energy keeps them balanced. When the flow of energy is blocked, illness will occur. Acupuncture therapy will release blocked energy, resolve the pain, and improve sleep, digestive functions, and sense of well-being.

Our qualified and helpful staff will work with you to ensure that there is no more energy blockage and make sure that you are receiving all of the amazing benefits from acupuncture.

Now utilizing acupuncture for our Smoking Cessation Program, contact us for more information!

I had such back pain starting in early June. I went to my regular doctor who ordered an MRI then sent me to a pain doctor. I went 6 weeks getting shots in my back. At the end of that time I was getting no relief. A very good friend suggested the Birdsell Clinic. In my case Dr.Grady Birdsell decided against chiropractic and opted for acupuncture instead. I was treated several months. I have been released with the advice that I should come back as needed. I am still amazed that acupuncture would work when conventional medicine would not.
Carol B. Customer since 2013